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White peacock at the castle

Castle barbican

Leeds Castle

Strapwork ceiling


Baby Harry

The new castle

I managed to sleep in this morning so Auntie Anne came up to wake me just before 9am. We had a busy day ahead of us and I needed to get rolling! I got ready while Uncle Gary fried us up a delicious breakfast of sausages, bacon and eggs. After eating more than I should have, we loaded into the car and headed over to Kirsty's house so I could see her again (it's been eight years since she visited Canada with her mom) and meet her adorable son Harry.

Harry and I got on well and I am starting to think kids wouldn't be so bad. It definitely helped that he is gorgeous. I got down on the floor with him to play and he decided to use my leg as he does his bouncing horse. His little legs are quite powerful! He was laughing away and having a great time, making it very easy for me to adore him.

We didn't stay long as Kirsty was trying to get Harry to bed since he'd been up most of the night.

We drove out to Leed's Castle. We had free tickets my parents had left behind from their visit in the spring (the tickets are good for a year). The castle is quite impressive. The grounds are really nice with a duckery, ponds and gardens stretching out in all directions from the castle. The structure is surrounded by a moat and allowed for me to take beautiful photographs without requiring any skill.

If you check it out on Google maps it gives you a good idea of the size of the castle and grounds (the castle is pretty much in the center surrounded by a moat - you can zoom in for a closer look).

After walking through the castle, we stopped in the grounds where they were holding a jousting tournament. It was definitely done with children in mind with a lot of joking around, but was still entertaining for us adults and pretty cool for me to watch the horsemen showing off their skills.

Gary picked up a pack of toffee cookies in the gift shop that filled us up along with our lattes, and the lunches Gary packed for us were completely forgotten. After the jousting tournament we drove on to Dover. Poor Anne had already been to Leed's Castle twice before this year so I was glad that neither her or Gary had ever seen Dover Castle.

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