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Hola hola, long time no writttyyy no?

I am still currently in Cancun, was supposed to be here with my company for about 9 days for a dance festival, but things happened and my company left within 3 days of being here because the festival didn´t have enough money to support us. Well I am still here on this wednesday mainly because I have been pretty sick. Some freaking flu hit me on Sunday right before I was about to dance. Thank god I found ADVIL because I was able to acutally move my body for those 20 minutes of dancing, although honestly the piece was not to great (we didnt have a chance to mark out the spacing, and the timing was shitty). Anyways... So I am about to head back to Merida to continue to rest and heal. It is always amazing to recover from sickness and feeel how clean the body feels. IN any case I was wanting to fast and cleanse, so here we go! the body´s natural cleansing process.

A wonderful side note for all those interested last week I sent in my early action application for Univerisity of Mass at AMherst, so the process is rolling on and on and on. In reality with all the major stuff happening on a cosmic level right now, I have NO idea where I will be this time next year. An option just as like to happen is that I will be living in the jungles of Peru studying energy and cultivating powers, and traveling and teaching and learning.

My journey is about learning to find my balance and to take care of myself at ALL times. It has been kind of challenging here, but now after this sickness I will make my best possible effort: especially having the newly made kitchen at my full disposle.

As of next week ]I will be teaching yoga to my company for 3 weeks... ]I am also in the process of signing a contract more or less.


Love and light

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