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The Redford Gardens, designed in the style of 19th century collector’s garden are internationally renowned as an outstanding example of horticultural art. They are the fruit of the dedicated and talented work of Elsie Redford, a devoted gardener. Elsie Redford succeeded in shaping an enchanting universe of meandering paths and subtly arranged quiet nooks, tastefully combining fragrances, colours and textures. She became an expert gardener and managed to adapt a number of exotic species to the harsh local conditions, including the rare Himalayan blue poppy, today the Garden’s embalm.

The gardens were lovely to wander around with various themed areas such as the the stream garden, the moss area, the long walk, the pond, and finally the International Garden Festival. The Festival is an annual summer-long event featuring a variety of temporary gardens, specially created for the occasion by an international lineup of top garden designers.

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