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On the Coast of Biarritz

Walking through the rainforest

Spaghetti at the Barr house

24th of October

Today it was raining. Our surfing lessons were cancelled so we had a home cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. It tasted so delicious. We then decided to have a walk in the nearby rainforest. As much as we protested, it still wasn't enough to overcome the evil ones we call parents. We walked through the rainforest chucking pine cones everywhere to see what we could hit. We drove home in the pouring rain then chilled for the rest of the day by watching movies and playing on our ipods. That evening, we got dressed and went to a local restaurant called La Station. The steaks were enormous. We shared four "Cote de Boeuf" between 10 of us, and still had enough left over to feed the dogs in the morning. The kids walked home and watched a DVD while the parents stayed at the restaurant talking and having more than a few drinks. We got to bed at about 11.30pm.

25th of October

Today we left Hossegor and spent an afternoon in Biarritz. The drive to Biarritz took about an hour. It was pretty cold when we arrived, but we parked along the cliff and looked at the surf (it wasn't bad and there was a surfing competition in progress on the main beach) and walked around the town. We found a T-shirt souvenir shop, so we stopped there and bought a couple of shirts. Harry kept whining about how hungry he was so we stopped off and had a little lunch in the old town square. We then had a three and half hour drive home. we got stuck behind some large lorries on single lane roads. Not that we noticed, we were just behaving poorly in the back of the car. We went over to Al and Jen's for spaghetti bolognese that evening. It was late again when got home.

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