Journey: The trip, not Band travel blog

From Ensenada to Rosario...this was our first ride after a long hike...

Question? How many hikes does it take to get From Ensenada to El Rosario? Yesterday I was clueless. Today, I know the answer is 9. How many from El Rosario to San Agnosio? I'll tell you tomorrow? We're seeing mexico from the back of a truck. I have no picture of it, but please imagine the two of us with huge packs getting into a small two seat van with a family of five already there. Sardinage.

Dave wishes a formal apology to his sister Beth for hitch-hiking part of the trip. It's simply an early trip phase we are in.

We can't post our pics right now, but will go up soon. Tune in to see Dave arm-wrestling a bear looking mexican.

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