Linda and Marks trip to France and Spain travel blog

We leave early as it will be a longer driving day. We have breakfast at an “AutoGrill” by the road – great until a tour bus of very loud, smoking Spaniards arrive.

An aside about Spain – they have McDonald’s with “McAuto” and Burger King with “Auto King”

Today we go through hundreds of kilometers of orange trees – Valencias. Linda is feeling weary of the traveling regime so we pull aside and sit by the ”Balearic Sea”, watching the ocean for a while before going moving on.

We had decided to stay outside Barcelona in a small coastal town called Sitges where we will stay for three nights, taking the train into Barcelona.

As happened in Nerja, the hotel we targeted is closed for the season but we always seem to ‘luck-out’ find another gem, this time a pension owned by a couple of Dutch men (the town is very “gay friendly”). It’s old and charming and we have our own patio overlooking a private courtyard with huge blooming datura trees.

Not only that, there is a supermercado across the street and the first Laundromat we’ve found in Spain, just around the corner. Ah, the necessities of the intrepid traveller.

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