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Colby is interested

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Colby enjoys one of Ginger's cupcakes


Sawyer's Creek





A toast to the RV Family


Jesse & Ginger


Yesterday was another busy day for us.

We went out for breakfast with Jesse & Ginger and then rushed back to the campground to spend time with Jennifer and the grandkids.

She had just arrived ahead of us and we spent our time outdoors carving pumpkins with the grandkids.

Colby loved it while Lauren mainly slept through the whole thing.

Colby & I went to the playground until lunch was ready. We had a great time and sure enjoyed our time together.

Our family left after lunch and then we got busy getting some chores done.

Marilyn began wrapping gifts for Christmas and for birthdays while I worked outdoors moving items around to empty the truck for our trip today.

I then drove to Walmart to fuel the truck and Jesse rode with me.

We decided to eat dinner at Sawyer’s Creek, across the highway from the Mark Twain Cave complex.

Back at the campground, we finished up the chores and cleaned up a bit before meeting our friends for dinner.

Marilyn & I were a few minutes late as it took a bit longer to finish up the chores but soon we were all together, tasting some wine and then sitting outdoors on the dining deck, overlooking the Mississippi River.

We enjoyed the relaxation after a busy few days.

We fell asleep soon after going to bed but slept fitfully because of the wind and rain. The arthritis in my hips has been keeping me awake most nights but it is my own fault. I never have liked to take any kind of medication and I often ignore the need for pain meds and just tough it out. The result is little or no sleep when I do that.

We are up early this morning, facing a nine hour drive to Sioux Falls, SD to get Marilyn’s Drivers License renewed.

I called yesterday and found that the law has been changed and we can now get the license renewed as much as 180 days ahead of the expiration date, but we need to stay one night in the state and bring proof, like a receipt from the hotel. We also have to provide a passport or second picture ID, our Social Security card, and the expired license.

OK, next year when my license is due we will go through SD on our return from CO.

So it is time to get ready to go.

We hope all of you have a great day. Remember………Life is Good!

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