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Doug had another wild night last night. For the second night in a row he was unable to fall asleep and according to JoAnn it caused him to almost be in panic. She drug out some the the standby drugs he has had for chemo and found one that would work to get him to sleep. After taking two of them he was finally able to sleep.

The orginal plan for the day was to go to the Dillard House for lunch but then it was decided that a Sunday noon during leafing season was probably not such a good idea. So David, Suzy and JoAnn took off towards Highlands and Cashiers to do touristing. JoAnn insisted that Doug stay at home did not meet much resistance. They had a good time and the weather was perfect for their hiking. The colors were outstanding for them today and they found the Iron Bridge Trail. They also got to drive out in the boondocks which David really liked. They walked over three miles. Doug and Fillmore remained in the rig and spent most of the afernoon dozing. We are noticing that Doug seems to be getting a reaction following chemo now where he didn't used to. If that is the case we will be prepared for it.

Tonight we drove into Clayton and by guess and by golly found the Peking Gourmet Restaurant. We didn't know what to expect but as it turned out, the food was outstanding. Doug David and JoAnn had Mongolian Barbeque while Suzy had more standard fare. It was all good; one of the best Chinese restaurants we have eaten at.

More touristing tomorrow. We are so enjoying our time together.

JoAnn has many pictures to process from the days outing and will post them at a later date.

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