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Getting ready to face the day. Who's a morning person I ask...

The ancient city of Delfi

The grand tholos of Delphi

Greek olive tree - good for oil and to make a wreath...

The Delfi gymnasium, fully equipped with stone whirlpool

The Roman marketplace (lower) & the Temple of Apollo (upper)

The renown Treasury of the Athenians

Master wallsmanship

The ruins of a huge huge temple dedicated to Apollo

What city would be complete without a theatre

Feeling the flow

Biting off the Egyptians with their Sphinx de la cononne des Naxiens

Sculpture that lined the intertior of the Treasury at Delpfi (Battle of...

Crazy eyed killa (Apollo)

My main man Antinoos who drowned trying to save his lady. He...

The statue of the Charioteer, preserved in the debris of the great...

What can I say about Delphi except that there used to be an ether sniffing oracle housed deep beneath the Temple of Apollo who would tell you the future while completely high. Thanks to our knowledgeable guide Leila, this tidbit was only one of the incredible facts we learned today about the world’s most important city (as deemed by Zeus), Delphi. She explained how, after reading many ancient accounts of the famed prophet (and getting permission from the Greek government), scientists were able to first determine where the famed oracle resided and second that her chamber lay almost directly beneath the intersection of two major fault lines that happened to be leaking a wicked mixture of aromatic gases sure to make anyone capable of seeing the future (“Build a model airplane!” says the little fairy).

The second part of the day involved a 3 hour bus ride back to Athens where I was pretty sure Helma might pee her pants but in the end, we stopped just in time. Just in time that is, for me to lead us off at the wrong stop and then embarrassingly re-board the bus to finally arrive at Sygtagma square. We reunited with our beloved Hotel Tempi and, on the advice of the nice young lady at the reception desk, went to a place called Titigas (ot T21T21GAS as it was written on the post it note) for a dinner so flavorful that it stuck with us through the rest of the night. The three days of bus touring had taken its toll on us, so after just a single episode of Weeds, we crashed like Sonny Bono. Tomorrow we head to Rome. Are you not entertained!?!

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