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The start of our 3 day Classic Tour of Greece

First stop, the Corinth canal. Helping boats get through Greece since god...

Getting back to my nonexistant Greek roots

Asklepieion of Epidaurus - Our first archeological site. This little baby was...

Walking into the heart of the ruins

Hey there little column

A short stop at Nauplia

The acropolis of Mycenae

The lion's gate (Mycenae)

The sacred burial grounds reserved for Mycenae royalty

Helma at the gate to the Treasury of Atreus

Taking it inside

The good news was that the night before we had gathered the essential items from our large bags and repacked two small duffels for our 3 days on the road. The bad news was that we still had to walk the ever sloping hill from the Hotel Tempi to the Amalia Hotel in order to meet the bus for departure on our 3 Day Classic tour of Greece. A bagel sandwich and sugar pretzel thing later, we were on the bus and ready to go. Right at 8:30am, the bus pulled forward. . . about 8ft. where we waited for another 25 minutes for our tour guide to arrive. Apparently she had been caught in traffic from some bomb threat involving a metal box and a bicycle seat – I don’t know, I didn’t really catch all the details because the fury in my heart was causing an irregular amount blood to pump into my eardrums.

When we did get on the road, our guide won me over immediately and Helma agreed with me when I said, “Clearly, this is not her first rodeo.” For the remainder of the day we drove and stopped and drove and stopped until I had seen more ancient sites than I could wrap my mind around. Mycenae was by far my favorite and as I looked out at the perfectly laid out foundation of the Acropolis, palace, and burial grounds my mind raced with images of what the ruins must have looked like before overzealous building burning Christians got a hold of them. Our last stop of the day was a little place called Olympia. You might remember it from the motherf*ckin first Olympics! It was near dark when we pulled up to our hotel, but mark my words, when the dawn comes tomorrow and we start touring, I will challenge all comers to any and every ancient Olympic event possible. Who wants a piece?

Also, for dinner I ate my weight in pork, lamb, chicken, potatoes, lasagna, rice, pasta with mint seasoned squash and of course, ice cream.

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