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Today we got up early in order to cross the border with plenty of time to spare. The Thai Laos Friendship Bridge was another informal affair which felt more like a ferry terminal than a land border. Accross the border we used the last of our kip to pay for a bus to the Thai side to find that there were no money changers/exchaange bureaus/ ATMs to be seen.

Lukily for us a kindly Thai lady placed us on a tuk tuk to the nearest ATM. My mouth hit the floor when she insisted on giving us the cash to pay for the driver - there is no arguing with the generosity of Thai people.

We decided to take bus to the regional transport hub of Korat - more expensive than a train but one hour faster. Or so we thought. The 5 hour journey took 8 hours on a bus ridden with mosquitos who feasted on me throughout. Bug lotion was in the hold.

We finally got to Korat at 9pm. An absolutely huge shiny metropolis which seemed to sprawl forever. Also somewhere I had never heard of until that morning when we were figuring out how to get to the Khmer ruins at Phimai.

Luckily we were just in time to catch the last bus to Phimai and arrived exhausted at 11pm. Phimai is quite small and at 11pm everything was shutting down if not closed. Thankfully it is not a big place and so in no time we were rousing the staff of the Old Phimai GH and begging for a bed for the night.

Day 84 complete

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