Jo explores South America in 2010 travel blog

The day began with a sleep in till 8.30....nice!! Catching a local bus about 1pm. The group is 14 people with only 3 other Australians. We have people from Switzerland, USA, Canada, Sth Africa, New Zealand and Germany. Have stocked up on water and snacks for the 5hrs bus trip to our next destinations. The journey is finally beginning....... The bus ride was not too bad even had movies although they were in Spanish!! Almost lost Rachel at a rest stop somewhere in Peru as she took a little long on the toilet and the bus just decided to leave. After a frantic yell out to Carlos he managed to get the bus to stop and Rachel jumped on. On arrival in Paracas it was a quick departure from the bus. They donĀ“t stop for very long. Onto another smaller bus for a 30min trip to Pisco arriving at 6.30pm. Dinner was at a local restaurant where I tried the Ceviche Scallops which are basically raw scallops marinated in lime juice and other things...quite tasty all washed down with Cerveza, local beer, also quite tasty!! Hotel for the night was basic but clean with hot showers.

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