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How I don't know, but we keep forgetting to mention about the mosques and roosters!

We have had lots of difficulty sleeping at various places along the way as we are constantly awakened at the crack of dawn (if not hours before!) by roosters competing in their cock-a-doodle-doo contests. They start about 3:30am (later if we're lucky) and continue on until the sun is up...they are relentless.

Then there are the mosques...they were the worst in Senggigi, Lombok, when we naively positioned ourselves between TWO of them. 5 times a day they would both recite prayers over loud speakers for about an hour, and being so close to each other it is impossible to make out anything. It is absolute insanity! The first prayers begin at 4:30am.

so now we try to keep away from chickens and mosques...words of wisdom if any of you are ever in South East Asia.

until next time...bye :)


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