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A single beam of fog crossed our path this morning...

And lasted about 3 minutes

and it was totally clear again

Our last stop before home...Mono Vista RV Park, Lee Vining

Oh Grandma, this trip has been soooo much fun!

Starting my loop

The colors are, well, just brilliant...

Grant Lake




There was a picture no matter which way you looked


On my walk to the stream

Splendor on the mountainside


Not a bite...not even a hint of a bite.



I'm not lookin' for snow on the pass on Friday!

The eastern Sierra are pretty darn purty, aren't they?

This is the far end of Silver Lake





June Lake's little town. There are a lot of vacation homes in...

June Lake...all three of these lakes are found on the June Lake...

A side road off the loop

On the road to the Tufas of Mono Lake

A picturesque boardwalk

All the tufas were once buried under water...where they formed. As the...

FYI. 'Other creatures' being trillions of brine shrimp


The lake is fed by underground springs, but is still receding

A black cloud finally stayed on top and blocked all the sun....

Yeah, it looks like blue sky everywhere...but those black ones were above...

But I like the clouds on this side...I think they really complement...

Oh this is fun! This is fun!

Can we do it forever, Grandma??

Fine, pale yellow grass covers the ground


Almost looks like a thistle, huh, Marilee? But it was once a...

Today was an exploration day...the day of color and odd formations!

I drove just 6 miles south of Lee Vining and turned west onto the June Lake Loop Road and ran into mulitudes of color, color, color. It was simply a wow day. I've never been on this side of my Sierra in late October so this was all new for me.

The road is about 15 miles long and passes three lakes along the way. June Lake is the largest by far, but I must say, the two on the north side of the loop were surrounded by more color. If you want to eat supplies...or even trinkets, though, you'll have to head to the little town of June Lake. Even the stables were closed by Silver Lake, where I rode last summer.

After my loop adventure, I headed over to the tufas, as promised, to get some pictures of these weird spires. The sun's cooperation wasn't the best...but yet I still found a couple of times when it dropped some light on the tufas. When it started sprinkling, I left.

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