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The Niagara River Gorge

Brock's Monument

Don't call us!

Floral Clock in the rain

American Generating station

Power lines onthe Canadian side

The Whirlpool

Autumn colours

Loading up

Off we go

Flying high!

Returning to base

Both falls together

American Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Close up American falls

It was wet again so we started our day by visiting a couple of the local wineries. The first one was also a distillery as and we were able to try one of their specialities, icewine and brandy. It was so good! As Heather’s favourite alcholic drink is brandy and is also rather partial to icewine the combination was a winner in her view so a couple of bottles were purchased for later enjoyment!

We then went to to the Upper Canada Cheese Factory. Here Tony and Lynne were in their element tasting the very distinctive cheeses. Again a few items were purchased for future enjoyment!

Because of the weather we headed into Niagara Falls along the Niagara Parkway. We stopped at Brock’s Monument to give Jenny a quick walk. Lynne and Tony decided they would try the stage in the park. After a quick stop at the Floral Clock we headed to the Whirlpool Aero Car.

The aerial cable car travels between two different points of the Canadian shore of the Niagara River over the spectacular Whirlpool. The Whirlpool is caused when the Niagara River makes an abrupt turn to the northeast, 3 miles downstream from the Falls. One interest fact is that one third of the drainage of the North American continent passes through this area. Over time, the eroding power of the mighty Niagara river has cut a basin some 900ft in diameter and 180ft deep where the surging river turns back upon itself.

After the ride on the Aero Car we continued along the parkway to Niagara Falls to give Lynne another look at the Falls before heading back to base.

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