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Hola del pais loco!

I am sitting inside La Flor del Santiago. I feel a bit more centered after finally mediating, which I have not attempted to do really formally for 2 months now. ARG. And now I learn what happens when one is not FULLY FULLY connected to their own power and intuition. Basically all I will say is that I am officially starting a new chapter of my life. Bye bye old tempoarary house space,,, and welcome my amazing cute house in downtown! Really.. I don't know where to start. I do want to keep this journal going even just to have the record of my evolution during my stay here. Which I can count on because damn..... I am one different woman then before I arrived. All in a strengthing way, positive, negative... as long as I am well and strong in myself it can all become like a crazy evolutionary game to me. Really I have to comment on the nerve of people. WHY please tell me why... there are so many MESSED up people in the world? Why do people want to take advantage of others, all for the sake of money... for the sake of what? Debt printed on paper in an organized way. Money is for controlling the masses. Ayeyeyeye. What do we have here? A seriously processing Norianna. A woman who is more or less alone in a foreign country, who theoretically doesn't know anything really about reality and how people are, and who just really wants to have people to trust, to love, to speak with, to share, and to grow. For this I am so open. I am a precious flower who just wants to be kind and trust everyone. Hm.... there goes my inutition, I thought I had a strong sense. I still do. This time is about centering and connecting back with my inutition and trusting that indeed every single moment and experience is for the highest good. So back to reality. I am in my new casa! Beautiful light teal walls in the kitchen, the roof is fixed, I have a couch-bed, 3 hammocks, a functional bathroom, a refrigorator, a stove/oven, space, creativity, and many many more amazing things.

I visited another pyramid/ruin in honor of the sun god, the moon god... and whatelse I forgot. It is quite humorus to me to find a crowd of "hippies" in the center of Merida. It is humorous because life is hallarioooousss sometimes. But, I love finding different types of people and connecting with all of them. In a sense I feel back in hawaii or asheville. I finally found brown rice today, and whole wheat pasta... Erg. All the bread here is with much sugar and white white white. Hey, it is Mexico. Things in this world are spiraling spiraling faster and faster...

peace out. sorry for the sporaticness. It is kind of how I am at the moment.

Love and light.

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