2010 Fall Trip South travel blog

Winnie at River Vista Campground

Road to Highlands

Trail to Glen Falls - Easy down, tough to climb

Glen Falls - it has been pretty dry in the southeast

View from the top of Glen Falls

Cobra in Highlands

Mumms and pumpkins

Highlands Falls Golf Course

Home on the golf course

Mountain Junction, NC

It's Halloween in the Mountains

Decorated hay bale

Whiteside Mountain - No Bear Shadow

Bear Shadow (AP Photo/Jackson County Tourism Authority, Jerry Jaynes) - I still...

The weather has been beautiful here in the southeast for the last 2 weeks, Warm and sunny. The sky has been clear and blue. I stopped at a campground in Dillard, GA today to go to Whiteside Mountain near Highlands, NC (about 20 miles east of the campground) to see the "bear shadow". It forms between 5:30 and 6:00pm every day when the sun sets behind Whiteside Mountain. As luck would have it, the sky was overcast and not a shadow to be seen. I waited until about 4:30 or 5:00 before I gave up on the sun and headed back to the campground. I was nearly back to the campground and the sun came out and there were shadows, but it was too late to get back to Whiteside Mountain. So much for the "bear". I'll be sure to come back to this area again as there looks like alot to do. The foliage seems to be near peak color at the higher elevations. I hope there isn't any rain or wind on the way home that will bring down the leaves.

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