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Mother of Rose Queen and Family

Cousins of Rose Queen

Order of the Rose

Shriners in Mini Cars

Clowns on Stripped-Down Car

Hog Hev'n Bus

Brookshire's Float

Southside Bank's Float

Dillard's Float

Boy Scout Troop

Smith County Sheriff

Shriners' 'Flying Fezzes' Plane

Lone Star Antique Tractor and Engine Association

Dog Trainers

Clown 'Knitty-Knitty Night-Night'.

Oriental Band State Champions

Austin Bank's Float.

Clown Train

Chick-fil-A's Tyler Bovine Queen.

AT&T's Float.

Giglio Distributing Company's Float

Tyler Morning Telegraph's Float

Tyler Junior College's Float

Horse Leading Rose Queen's Float

Rose Queen, Mary-Lawson Bracken Waldon

Rose Queen's Train

This morning I had to get up early in order to be ready to go downtown with some of my friends to watch the Rose Parade, which started at 9:30. We found a parking place in a vacant lot about a block away from the parade route. Then we found the perfect spot on a sidewalk in front of an office building where we could set our chairs. (I used my Sport Seat, which Betty Wendler had given me.) The sidewalk was in the shade, to boot. Not knowing what to expect, I had slathered sunscreen on my face, neck, ears and hands just to be on the safe side. That shade was a most welcome serendipity.

The lawn in front of the building sloped downward to the street, so our view was not restricted by the people in front of us. Even so, I couldn’t get any photos without a few people’s heads in them.

The parade was quite long and it lasted two hours. We all thought that the groups and floats were spaced farther apart than necessary; but we enjoyed it anyway. There were several very pretty floats.

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