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Montezuma's Castle in AZ

Montezuma's Castle

Meanwhile, we arrive in Phoenix to 106 degree temperatures. We planned to stay and golf and go to a restaurant recommended by our friend Haley, but Philip, was too hot and just wanted to get on the road again, so we headed for the hills, literally. We stopped for lunch at The Boulders, and Phil took it as his personal challenge to see how far he could talk them down in their rates. They started at $465 plus $220 pp for golf. Phil wanted them to give us their summer rate that starts next month, but the best he could get was $297 for the room and $120 each for golf. That was still $500+ for the day -- we decided to come back another time!

By late afternoon we arrived in Prescott (Press-kit), AZ at 5,600 feet. Much cooler -- very pleasant. We looked at a development here, but found it is too cold in the winter here for our liking -- even though they boast over 350 days of sunshine a year! 20 inches of snow in the winter with an average high of 55 just doesn't do it for us -- scratch another location off our list!

Another really nice town that is growing too fast -- the streets just can't keep up with the development -- and we're not even here during the tourist season. Very nice downtown, a wonderful square, and lots of old Wild West buildings that used to be saloons, brothels, and banks! All the necessary accouterments for a thriving mining town.

Our next stop is Montezuma's Castle and a wonderful cliff dwelling from the Anasazi era, although it is neither a castle, or was it inhabited by Montezuma! It is still a wonderful ruin perched high in the cliffs.

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