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Approaching Sorrento, Italy



















Enjoying the Isle of Capri
















Mt Vesuvius







































Yesterday in the afternoon, we attended a piano concert of ragtime, Dixieland jazz, blues and gospel music. It was quite good and we enjoyed it.

Once we had dressed for dinner, we headed for a comedy show followed by an Irish singer.

The comedy was good as was the singer who sang one of my favorite songs, “Danny Boy”. That song always gets to me and reminds me of my nephew, Danny.

At dinner last night Mari& I both selected scallops, but some ordered leg of lamb or the pork loin rubbed with cinnamon.

All of the food has been delicious on this voyage.

It is a few minutes before 5:00 AM as I sit here typing this journal entry. That is a few minutes before 10:00 last evening back in Missouri.

We will anchor in the Bay of Naples in an hour or so, and go ashore by one of the tenders. The tenders are life boats also, but the bay is so shallow that we must use these small boats to go ashore.

We will visit the ruins of Pompeii today and then take a jet-boat ride over to the Isla of Capri.

We have to pack up as soon as we return today, and get our luggage set outside our cabin door.

Tomorrow we will be in Rome all day and then we will be winging our way home on the following day.

It will be good to see the smiling faces of our friends, Denny & Sonja when they meet us at the airport in St Louis, and we can’t wait to see Jennifer, Steve and those little grandkids.

I’ll write more later tonight, before posting this, about our adventure today.

For now, it is time to start getting ready to face the day.


What a marvelous day!

We went ashore in Sorrento, Italy and immediately boarded a jet-boat to the Isla of Capri. We then boarded a ski-lift device which took us to the top of the mountain where we walked around for awhile. Marilyn & I sat at an outdoor café sipping a cappucino coffee and nibbling on a pastry, while watching the people stroll past.

We shopped for a bit and then took the tram back to Sorrento where we once again boarded a jet-boat for a ride across the Bay of Naples, to Napoli (Naples) where we boarded a tour bus for a short ride to Pompeii. After a lunch of pizza and a soft drink we toured the ruins of Pompeii. Very impressive! About 70% of the city has been excavated. We will post pictures of this day later.

Our drive back to our port of Sorrento was along one of the most beautiful drives in the world. The Amalfi coast is awesome with jaw-dropping scenery all the way.

Back in Sorrento we caught one of the last tenders back to our ship.

We have been very busy with packing, picking up our passports, and preparing for an early morning departure from the ship tomorrow morning.

We have a tour of Rome which will last all day tomorrow and I may not be able to post anything until we get back home, after this entry.

We have enjoyed a wonderful trip so far.

Life is Good!

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