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Leaving Alghero

The Road South

Deep Dropoffs

Strange Formation-Hut??

View Up the Coast

Our Friend , "The Mountain Cow"

And Her Pals

Not Awake Till My Latte

Walk to Tharros


Roman Ruins 400BC

Main Roman Road in Tharros

Amazing to see Live

Roman House

Last Standing Columns

Wonder What It Held Up??

The Feet

My Little Roman

Spanish Fort Tower

The Foot

My Room

Balancing Act

2 of a Kind


The Bathroom

Going Down

Su Nuraxi

Fresh Olives

Su Nuraxi

Olive Grove

We woke up early and headed to the coast road south of Alghero towards Bosa. The coastline was stunning with beautiful cliffs and beaches. It was very windy so it felt like we were going to fly off the road all the time. After a two hour drive along the water we stopped in Bosa Marina for a Caffe Latte. Then we continued on the road through the mountains towards Tharros. It started to rain pretty bad while passing all the little towns, but by the time we arrived in Tharros the weather was clear. Tharros is really amazing with remains of a whole roman village dating back to 400 bc. You could see streets, water systems, baths, temples and two colums still standing from 2500 years ago. We walked around the whole area and then had lunch at a restaurant near by. After that we went through Oristano to continue to the world heritage (UNESCO) Su Nuraxi, remains with A Nuraghic fortress, the largest, from 1800 bc, really cool. After that we took a small local road towards Oristano. We passed through several little small towns with fields of Olive trees- so beautiful and the little towns were awesome, the only people we saw were the older men gathering outside on the markets. Reaching Oristano, we were looking for a place to stop at, but decided to continue back to the hotel. We took the highway, 131, towards Sassai, and then decided to take off on a smaller road towards Alghero......It was getting later so it got pitch black and this road was REALLY curvy so it took for ever and it was dark all the time so it was an experience....It took us one hour to drive 5,1 km. The last village we went through was really weird- dark and kind of deserted. Finally back in Lido we went down to the beach and had a Carbonara pizza and then home to sleep. The day was awesome with beautiful coastline and olive trees with a mix of roman and nuranghi history.

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