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Capo Caccia

Landing Soon

Cliffs Along the Way

Dive Spot

Natural Art

The Bluffs

The Cliffs Begin

Our "Dock"

Interior Caves

See a Face?

Nice Place to Live

View Back From Stairs

Rough Stuff

A Break Before the Climb

Awesome Views

So Blue

Our Boat

Rough Seas

Love It

Our Friend

Our Favorite Place


The Long Climb

Stairway to Heaven

The Last Step

Century Tree

View back to Alghero

The Climb Down

We woke up around 9 and walked back into Alghero. It was cloudy and about 20 degrees. We stopped along the water to enjoy a cup of coffee and do alittle people watching. Then, we got on a boat (€14) that took us out to Capo Caccia, a beautiful cliff area on a beautiful bluff north of the city. The cliffs were beautiful, from the deep blue water, they rose to amazing height, with wind sculpted features. We landed on the bluff via a rather small cave at the waters edge. The captain was quite skilled as the water was very rough. You could walk into the caves but we chose to walk to the top of the cliff. There were a huge number of stairs to get to the top, a real workout. Finally, up on the top, the views were stunning. We sat down at a cafe for a minute to catch our breaths and walked back down. We got on the boat again and it started to rain heavily and,as we were sitting on the top, we got wet. Back in the harbor we walked into Old Town and found a small pizzeria where we had a delicious pizza and a glass of wine. Then we walked back to the hotel and changed into dry cloths. Around 19:00 we went to Bar La Playa at the beach and had a glass of wine before we went for dinner. The rain had stopped but it was very windy. We went back to the restaurant on the beach, "El ray de la Paella", and had lobster pasta. Back home to the balcony for a nightcap and we had an italian choir across the street singing beautifully, another great day.

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