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We bar hopped our way to the Cuban club last night and as usual had a blast. The Dj's here are great everywhere you go. But, you don't see any dancing unless your at the Cuban club which we finally made it to around midnight or 1 am. Man, the Cubans can dance and they do it all night long till the sun comes up. Salsa salsa salsa!

Earlier in the the night there was an actual indian circle dance in the city center. They were actually teaching people the native indian dance. I tried to join because it was so impressive but not at all easy to do. You better be in damn good shape for this and probably sober.

When you go out at night here you DON'T bring things with you. One reason is that it's never a mellow night no matter how much you think it will be or want it to be. There's always something unique going on somewhere that sucks you in. There's just something in the air here too. It sounds like laughter and smells a lot like Tequila. In the last week I've lost my earphones, my mexican phone was stolen, dropped my iphone in a toilet left my only sweater in the cab or club, was adopted by a family of 6 party girls who are kidnapping me on the 30th for some party, got engaged twice to tequila venders with missing teeth but still saving myself for the pan man, given the entire vodka bottle at the bar no glass - another fiance, and offered a job teaching english. LOL.

Last night I was near spinning at 4 am and still I managed to explain to the cab driver in spanish how to get home. He was lost. THE CAB DRIVER WAS THE ONE LOST. I gave him directions in spanish!!! Oh yeah baby I'm feeling like I pretty much own "GDL" hah!!

Of course the night life isn't all party. It's an incredibly romantic city as are all the surrounding pueblos. It's just that after constantly thinking, listening, trying to understand a foreign language all week you just want to marinate and not think much at all for a night or two.

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