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Getting it started at the Chamonix Rail station.

A 91 pound new best friend

Adam posing with Mont Blanc

In the wilderness now.

As the Drus comes into view on our right, Chamonix fades our...

Lunchtime? You bet your sweet ass.

A pissing game?


Strange root or poorly buried fetus?

The start of some serious sole searching

Thank god for parachute cord

The approach to Argentiere

My first out door water refill

Getting excited about camp

Our new home

It was like picking up a 200 pound dead guy with straps. That’s the best way to describe the feeling of sitting on the curb at the railway station and leaning forward to stand as the thick padded waist and shoulder straps of my Osprey 85 backpack dug into my body and threatened not to release no matter how hard I pulled. Inside my bag was actually just a shade under 100 pounds consisting of rain gear, snow gear, warm weather hiking gear, water bottles, food food and more food. When I say food 3 times I refer to the fact that Adam and I were each carrying enough food to sustain ourselves for the entire trip. He had 6 days worth (18 meals ready to eat (MRE) and I, planning on completing the full 15 day journey had 14 days worth (42 MRE’s) knowing that in at least three places along the way I would probably want to buy a meal/groceries. We were truly ready for anything.


Adam was doing a great job at looking like a bitch when we first started hiking down the path to our first destination. He was slow and awkward and I was a little worried that it was gonna be a real long hike. Then, as if finding his own Adam stride, his steps picked up, his gait became smooth an we were briskly moving along to our first landmark.

The biggest immediate disadvantage we had going for us was that Adam’s trusty hiking boots had all but disintegrated the day before on the train when, for no apparent reason, both shoe soles had simply fallen halfway off. Being resourceful, he utilized some parachute cord that he had lying around (I supposed that was not all that uncommon for a real American hero to have) in order to carefully craft a webbing that wrapped around the boot’s sole, over the shoe top, through various lacing holes/hooks and then expertly tied into the regular laces of the boot. It looked impenetrable, but would unfortunately require many adjustments throughout the trip and would be the source of countless obscenity mutterings (screams).

I, on the other hand, was enthralled with the whole hiking idea and couldn’t stop beaming with pride about my choice of life altering journey. I loved the views, the walking, the manly packs, the sweet new hiking shoes I had and the MRE’s – oh how I loved the MRE’s. Peanut M&M’s? Come on! Genius genius genius! We took a few wrong turns at the start but nothing could keep us from flying high on the wings of Topak love and after a long heavy day, we made it to our camp site just outside a town called Argentiere. I eagerly prepared for my first tent/airpad/sleeping bag sleep experience though, if we’re being honest I knew I would miss my body pillow. But, since Adam and I had decided it necessary to have a girl talk slumber party until 4am the night before in the Hotel Median, we had little trouble finding sleep.

Oh we’re hiking now.

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