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Mom and dad exploring one of the baths

family photo!

We made it to Ostia Antica and to our hotel no problem on Friday morning. The hotel room was more like a little cottage with a downstairs kitchenette, bathroom and 2 beds and upstairs was a double bed with a bath. It was also in the country and a little hike back into town. The archelogical site at Ostia Antica was fantastic. When we entered I was immediately in awe over the small ruins. Without rails and ropes keeping us off the ruins, Dad and I scrambled all over them exploring. We found a bunch of really cool tiled floors in excellent condition. Then we started walking into the town a little more and quickly realised how small the begining was! The huge theatre was beautiful and a nice place to sit and take a break. Then we proceeded to get lost in the ruins, just exploring under, over and through the ruins of the city until we got so exhausted. We all found a cute secluded square with a small fountain to take a siesa. All of us sort of just sitting there and zoning out, exhausted from exploring only a third of the site! At one point mom got up and said "shall we go" and eventually sat back down again when dad and I just sat there stairing at the walls. haha. But in no time we got moving again to explore more. There were many places in which you could go up to the second or third levels of the buildings to get fantastic views of the ruined city. I cant even describe how immense and beautiful this place was only to compare it to Pompeii. Pompeii has nothing on Ostia Antica, except its intriguing history. There were hardly any people around (except on the main raods) and getting lost exploring the ruins definately give this place two thumbs up.

By the end of our day, having spend about 5 hours at the site, we had to skip most of the exploring of the second half of the city. "its kind of like explore-overload" My dad had mentioned, and its so true. There was SO much to see and we didnt have enough time or energy to do it all.

When we got back to the small city, we stopped at a farmacia to get me some drugs to help with my sickness, then went to a local wine bar for a 7 euro apertivo! After walking around the city at night (to wait for the restaurant to open at 8!) we went to dinner at il restrauante monumento (suggested by my awesome book). Diner was again, fantastic, Dad and I almost perfecting our dinner Italian, and mom saying "yummy" to the waitress who probably had no idea what she was saying! haha.

I am going to miss the dinners and the exploration! I am going to miss my parents, by far some of my best frinds! One thing I will not miss though, is being constantly tired from organizing the trip! But that was only a tiny price to pay.

This morning in Ostia Antica, I had to say arrivederci to my parents. It was a sad/lonely 800 meter walk back to the hotel lobby for breakfast. I was going to check out the castel and church before leaving Ostia, but I am sick and exhausted so I just walked to the church and there was a wedding! So I couldnt go inside, but I walked by it before heading to the train stop and go home.

When I got back home I realised I had no food so I went grocery shopping in my sick-induced daze. At check-out there were crazy long lines so I just waited my turn and tried to pretend that I knew what everyone was talking about when they asked me questions. Mostly I think they were asking me if I was in line and commenting on how crazy it was. I was too (new meghan word) 'Zoned-out' to try to responed correctly. I did buy a lot of chocolate though, it heals all!

So I want to go back and tell about everything that we did (becasue it was a lot of fun and I want to remember every detail) but right now I should be studying for exams and probably taking a nap. So I shall catch up on that later... Later!

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