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Plans do sometime change, even at sea.

Last evening was the final “Formal Night” and we had our clothing all planned out. However, we made a mistake by going to the special buffet lunch. They had all sorts of delicious delicacies on the buffet and we had to try as many as would fit on the plate.

Then I went back for the desserts and tried four of them plus a dish of Italian gelato. All super delicious.

By the time we waddled away from lunch, we wanted only to chill out.

Marilyn took her book out on the balcony and read while listening to the swishing sound of the water passing by the ship.

I took the e-reader down to the line dancing class to show it to Irv, who was watching his wife, Joan, participate in the dancing class.

We chatted for awhile and then it was time to return to the cabin.

As the time neared to get dressed for the formal night dinner, Marilyn & I both admitted that we were not the least bit hungry.

We discussed our options and decided to simply skip the evening meal altogether and just to spend some quality time together.

That is just what we did! It was lobster night, but I’m glad we didn’t know that at the time. We probably would have gone to dinner and overeaten once again. It sure didn’t hurt us to miss a meal. But Lobster? Sigh…………..

I fell asleep shortly after 8:00 PM last night, and was wakened by flashes of lightning lighting up the cabin at 5:00 this morning.

The seas have remained fairly calm for the entire voyage and now we have our balcony door open, listening to the swish of the waves and waiting for the day to begin.

We aren’t very hungry even yet, but the hot coffee with real cream, on the outdoor deck is calling us. I’ll bet that we will decide to have breakfast, too. Wanna bet? LOL

I’ll write more later, as this last day at sea drifts by the memory bank.


We did go up stairs after our morning showers, and ate breakfast, sharing a table with our friends, David & Bella. They, like us, are early risers.

Later, after a leisurely meal and some good conversation, Marilyn & I grabbed another cup of coffee and sat outside on the deck, enjoying the deep blue waters, sunshine, and cool breeze of the morning.

We were joined by another friend, Irv, who sat and visited with us as his wife, Joan, was still sleeping.

Later, back at the cabin, Marilyn took her book to the pool, while I stayed behind for a bit before joining her.

I have to tell you what happened to our e-reader yesterday.

Marilyn took the e-reader to read one of the books she has in there. When she finished reading, she put her cabin key, which is a card with a magnetic strip on it, in the case with the e-reader, and returned to the cabin.

It was there that she discovered her key would no longer work.

She took her key to the Purser’s desk to get a new key which was no problem but while she was gone doing that, I discovered that the e-reader now has a blank spot at the top right hand side of the page, caused by the magnetic strip of her cabin key.

I hope the screen can be fixed but we’ll see about it when we get back to Missouri.

Regardless of these little glitches, we remain sure that we have had a wonderful trip and are thankful for the many blessings we receive every day.

Life is Good!

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