Rallye Med 2010 travel blog

El Alamein War Cemetery

The Dinner Group

There was time to have a quick swim in the Mediterranean as we didn’t leave until 10am to allow us all to get over the previous day’s stress and strain. We stopped in El Alamein to see the museum and then the huge War Cemetery. The latter was less formal than Knightsbridge with trees planted at seemingly random intervals. The result was very pleasing and the cemetery was beautifully looked after, as was Knightsbridge.

There followed a long hot drive into Cairo where we paid for our late start by arriving in the rush hour. The Aston did not enjoy the stop start. Luckily a large part of the traffic jam was downhill so we rolled down the hill in neutral with the engine switched off, thus avoiding having the heating on full blast for too long. The ignition switch finally decided that it had had enough in the car park at the hotel. Later when everything had cooled down it functioned again. Robin hopes that the new switch will arrive safely tomorrow evening.

It was the Patchetts' wedding anniversary and they asked us to et with them and the Driessens. The guide who was travellinh with was very keen to help. To cut a long story short she booked us into an Egyptian restaurant full of Egyptians - as requested but it was in a shopping mall! She also overcharged us. It was good to be fetched and carried and to have it fixed easily but.... We had a very pleasant evening with congenial company and a satisfactory meal but nothing changes in Egypt - ripping off the tourists is the national sport.

Footnote: The guide tried to book another group into the same reataurant but was given short shrift, they having heard of our experience.

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