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Po and I in front of some typical basque houses


See the surfers?







A traditional Basque house - the entire family lives here: kids, parents,...









Random TINY helicopter pad






Pineapple palms!







Now this is what I came to say. Hello St Jean de...



These little purple flowers only bloom in fall :)








At the church where the king was married
















The water snuck up on us haha





My name in Korean





The beach at St Jean De Luz stole half my heart <3


I found Old's in...France?





Waiting for the concert to begin






Indoor Carousel?

From time to time, the school organizes optional outings for the foreign students. The first trip was to St Jean de Luz, a small town along the ocean between Biarritz and San Sebastian. We had the choice between just taking the bus straight there and doing whatever we wanted or getting off in Guethary and hiking along the coast to St Jean de Luz. Since I didn't really know anyone on the trip, I decided to go on the hike.

On the bus ride there, the korean student from my class sat next to me and we got to know eachother a little. In the end I ended up hanging out with her and the other korean students for the day. It was great! They even shared their lunch with me, which was basically korean sushi rolls...I can't remember the name... Anyways the entire time we were eating they kept asking if I really liked it. They thought I didn't and kept telling me I didn't have to eat it haha. It was really delicious though!

We did the hike along the coast which was beautiful. All the tiny towns along there are filled with traditional Basque houses. They are all whitewashed with green or red window panes and doors.

St Jean de Luz was pretty closed for the weekend, but it was still nice to explore the town and the beach. We found the church where Louis XIV was married. The entryway they walked through that day has been completely sealed in royal tradition so no one ever walks through there again. The house of Louis XIV can also be found there.

While we were in St Jean de Luz, a classical concert was being held in the middle of the square. All of the songs were scores from movies, but I couldn't place them all. It was really good! We lucked out that it happened to be that day before we left.

I would love to go back and experience it a little more someday. Maybe try some surfing when it's actually warm out again :)

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