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In the Vatican Museum

Inside the Vatican

12th of October

Today we all had a big sleep in. Harry of course didn't wake up till 10.20am. We ate breakfast then went for a neighbourhood walk as Mum says. We went to get a voucher from Hotel Gulio Cesare for the Vatican Museum trip. We then got pizza from around the corner for lunch. For the rest of the day, we just mucked around on our ipods and then we ate panini burgers for dinner. They were pretty good. We watched a movie then played on the computer and ipods while Mum and Dad were out with Leisa Griffin, who arrived from Sydney that day.

13th of October

Today we went to the Vatican Museum. We got up reasonably early, had breakfast and set out for the Vatican on foot. It took us less than fifteen minutes to walk to the museum entrance. We had a very brainy guide with a strong Italian accent. She was a bit dry and historic for my type of guide, but there you go. My favourite part of the Vatican Museum was the Sistine Chapel. The artworks by Michealangelo were life changing. They were outstanding. After the Vatican Museum, we got lunch at Neapolitan Restaurant on Viale Guilio Cesare. It was pretty good. After lunch we walked to the Spanish Steps for a nice sip of cold water. We then walked across to the Trevi Fountain and had the best gelato so far. We walked home and got ready to have dinner at the local Pizzaria called San Marco. It was very busy at the restaurant so we didn't get out of there till 10pm. We got to bed by 10.30pm.

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