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Last night at dinner, we had such a marvelous time! The four couples which sit at our table together have melded into a “family” of good friends who all like and respect one another.

Bill & Shellie, from Des Moines, Iowa, are a wonderful couple. We feel close to them and get along just great. Irv & Joan are from Florida and Irv is such a cut up. He reminds us of the Henry Fonda character in the movie “Golden Pond”.

Eric & Christine are from just outside of London, England, and appear very distinguished. We think sometimes that Christine, a very sweet and proper lady, doesn’t quite know how to take the rest of us, but Eric joins right in with his fine sense of humor, made even better by his decidedly British accent.

Everyone seemed to be in rare form last night, dropping one-liners and talking about everything from pets to cooking. The entire evening had us laughing raucously! In fact we were having such a good time that nearly the entire dining room had emptied and we were still sitting there with coffee, laughing and enjoying the company of one another.

It was Italian night last night and all Italian food, which everyone enjoyed. Marilyn & I both ordered Tiramisu for dessert. I also shared a lemoncello sorbet. (I may not have spelled that correctly but that doesn’t alter the fact that it was deliciously tart)

Sometime while we were enjoying our meal, the ship sailed away from Alexandria, Egypt, and we sailed through the night.

This morning we didn’t get up until 7:30 and then went up to deck 9 for the breakfast buffet.

David & Bella, from New York, joined us to chat for awhile.

Back at our cabin we changed into our swim trunks and headed for the pool deck where we tanned in comfortable recliners for awhile before moving to the shade.

Marilyn & I each have finished one book and started another.

Tonight is the second and final “Formal Night” so it will be a jacket and tie night at dinner for me and I know Marilyn will look smashing in whatever she chooses to wear.

Our time aboard this cruise ship is growing rapidly to an end, as we near the coast of Italy. One more day at sea tomorrow and then we will be in Sorrento, Italy in the Bay of Naples, to enjoy sightseeing at Pompeii and the Isle of Capri.

The following morning after leaving Sorrento we will arrive in Rome.

Soon we will be back in Missouri, with family and friends. That will be good but this has already been a wonderful trip and we will always remember the awesome time we have had.

For sure…………………Life is Good!

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