Today I got to go to Mexico—at Las Palomas. It is a town right on the border. The American side really doesn't have a town at all, just a bar, the Mexican side does have a town. In fact, we parked in the US and walked half a block to the Pink Store, our destination.It is called the Pink Store because it is painted a virolent pink.

About 65 people descended on them for lunch and shopping. They played live music for us and we ate so well I don’t want dinner. I enjoyed shopping and bought two small vases for my collection and a bottle of Kaluha. There was so much to see in the store; lots of knic knacs, jewelry, pottery, fabrics, even furnature. They also have a dentist and and optician for those who need that.

After we left the store and went back to the US(yes, through customs and passports) we stopped by a state park—Pancho Villa State Park. It has nice sites (water and elec only) and lots of history. This is where Pancho Villa staged his famous raid that caused General Pershing to chase around Mexico trying to find him(he never did).

Seems Villa attacked this small town(Columbus) and garrison and burned them just before dawn on Mar 9 1916. This was the first war that automobiles, trucks and airplanes were used in. The oil change racks for Pershing are still there along with several buildings. Wish I could have gone to the museum. Maybe I can do it next week, I will still be here. I will take pictures then, I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t want to carry that expensive camera and get it stolen.I had heard so much about problems at the border, but there was nothing like that to be seen here, just polite people who went out of their way to show us a good time.

The area we were in was just fine. The store is clean and all set up for the American tourists—prices are in dollars and pesos.

It isn’t the type of store the locals would go to, this is strictly a tourist store.

We had Happy Hour at 4 as usual and I met some more people. I just didn’t want any dinner so went to Walmart for some shopping.I found some items for my costume for Citrus(halloween stuff) and picked up some food.

Then at 7 we had “Beer Can” races, This was sort of a betting game where six people had signs designating what beer they were and stood at the end of the track. Dice throws determined the winner. Lots of laughter.

I then headed home to relax it’s been a busy day.

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