Fall 2010 travel blog

Low clouds in the mountains

Tuckaleechee Caverns

more cave formations

Busy day! We went to Tuckaleechee Caverns this morning - one of those attractions we have driven by on the way to the mountains several times over the years but never stopped. We were pleasantly surprised to find an interesting cave with several pretty formations and a 200 foot waterfall! Because the summer was so hot and dry, the waterfall was just a trickle. Cave explorers are excited about that because this fall they plan to explore the rooms above the cave we walked through today. They typically cannot access that part of the cave because of the water level. We saw several stalagmites, stalactites and palettes (a round formation that is partially attached to the ceiling and the rest of it hangs a few inches below the ceiling - looks like a chandelier) and one bat.

After lunch back at the RV, we rode our bikes across town (about 10 miles round trip) and checked out the other campgrounds and businesses in the area.

We drove to Cades Cove and back to Townsend on Rich Mountain Road after the bike ride. We forgot the camera, but the trees were gorgeous and in Cades Cove we saw wild turkey and deer.

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