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8 am bus out of Sao Paulo. S.P. is, as Bon says, 'Just like LA', traffic congestion, rush hour, and sprawling city...the skyline even looks like LA. An hour and a half on the bus and we are just leaving the city proper! It's a nice sunny, cool, spring day with none of the pollution associated with LA tho (this may be due to S.P. excellent/extensive Metro system). Many Brazilians said they thot S.P. dirtier than Rio but from what I saw I thot Rio was overall much less well kept up other than the tourist areas and the coast. The wall graffitti in S.P. seems to be more artistic, hight class and colorful than what I saw in Rio, which looked more hurriedly done, sloppy.

Brazilians are just as much in love w/ their cars as Americans but you don't see SUVs and very few pickups...mostly small to mid sized sedans and I think most run on I saw the greatest spread in cost between ethanol (1.65r/liter) and gasoline (2.65r/liter) = 1r (60 cents)! That roughly calculates to $6.25 vs $10 US/gallon!

Shortly after leaving the city we get into forest and reforested countryside, some pines as well. Further on we see the tree ferns we saw in S. Africa and the Imperial Palms that the king imported from Africa 100 years ago. The further S. we go the more farms w/ cattle/cow operations and banana plantations along with the reforesting tree 'plantations'.

In Curitiba we get all the bus info and even tho it will cost more if we decide to continue on to Florianopolis today - another 53r on top of 63r to Curitibo (116r vs 81r if we'd gone direct to Flor. at 1115 from S.P. or addl. cost of $21 US for ea of us), we felt it was good to keep options open...turns out we did not choose wisely, ha! Lv Curitiba 5 pm arr Flor 9 pm +. Curitiba is just a big million plus city, lots of high rises, new construction of same! This coastal area is pretty much your ordinary, western city type stuff, but alot, ALOT more expensive!

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