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Train arriving

Coaches of the train

Train Mascot

Who is the best looking?

One of the steam trains

Federal and Provincial Ministers



Time for the speaches

What is three politicians and a train called?

Tony, penelope and Heather on the train

Ross and Penelope

After our visit to McPhails we based ourselves for the rest of the week at Green Acres RV Park, Waterloo.

On the Thursday it rained heavily all day (Good news bedroom slide-out did not leak!). In the morning we went to the St Jacobs Farmers Market and got completely soaked. We had to change shoes, trousers etc we were that wet!

In the afternoon we joined Ross and Penelope on the Waterloo Central Railway. Ross acts as a volunteer on the railway which runs between Waterloo and St Jacobs on Tuesdays (summer only), Thursday and Saturday. The railway had been awarded a grant of $483,000 to restore and upgrade their maintenance shop facilities at St Jacobs as part of the Federal government initiative to promote tourism. It was the day of the official opening.

We had an enjoyable ride to St Jacobs with Ross showing us the train mascot and the politicians (federal, province and local) undertaking their usual handshaking. The upgraded facilities were impressive and there was two beautiful steam trains currently being restored. After the official speeches and formal ribbon cutting we got back onto the train for our return to Waterloo. Very much a different but enjoyable afternoon with excellent company thanks to Penelope and Ross.

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