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Huge babybel! This isn't even the biggest one I've seen here!

I had to circle the bites so I knew when I had...

School so far has been going great. The level is increasing and I am learning alot. I am still unsure about my one teacher, and I have heard our class is apparently famous among them all because we have her haha. That being said, she really explins things well and make sure we have everything down solid.

I have started buying lunches at school half of the week because there is simply no time to go home in between. Their cafeteria food is what I would consider fancy meals! We get a full meal complete with dessert for about 3 euros. It's great!

This week was chocolate week at school. I have had a few people back home ask me what that is. Chocolate week is basically when everything is cooked in Chocolate. I'm not talking about sweetened candy chocolate - this is the real stuff. I couldn't bring myself to try the chocolate beef, but I did try the chocolate chicken. It was...different. I can't say I love it but I don't hate it either. Dessert on the other hand this week was delicious :) (its weeks like these that I'm glad I have to walk everywhere!)

I have also started to get to know my roommate a little better. We have hung out a couple times. Her name is Sato and she is from Tokyo, Japan. She is two levels ahead of me (which from what we can tell doesn't mean much) and wants me to teach her English. She already knows a tiny bit (phrases her friends tell her) so I help her sometimes on our walks to school. The rest of the time though it is all French which is great. It has definitely given me the habit of thinking more in French in order to carry on a conversation. In fact, when talking on skype with my parents I have almost answered in French a few times!

Recently I have started to experience French strikes. I didn't really know it was a stereotype before, but everyone jokes about how it's the French who "fait la grève". Transit has been affected quite a bit, but it doesn't completely shut down like it would back home.

I heard that the news back home has reported nothing but the riots that have been occuring in Lyon and Paris. Not to worry, everything is safe here. People have been on strike, but not even close to the same extreme.

The worst they have done here is force the school to be closed. Students piled up desks and chairs in front of the doors to prevent people from entering. There was only one way in and out through doors that can only be opened from the inside. Students guarded the doors and refused entry to everyone but the foreign students (we were the only ones allowed to continue class since we are on a tight deadline).

For those of you who don't really know what the strike is about, the government basically decided to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. Everyone at the moment (or at least almost everyone) is against the government and Sarkozy (the president) in general. Starting a conversation with anyone on the topic instantly starts a rant.

It has been very interesting to witness it all happen and to see how the French react to everything going on. Definitely a learning experience.

Random rant of the day: For the past little while, I have been getting little bites. For a while I thought I might have had bedbugs. I searched everything thoroughly, but came up with nothing over time. Eventually I couldn't stand it so I asked my housemom what it was...apparently I have fleas. Great. No more animals coming in my room! Heck I didn't even know people could get them!

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