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on the road again



Police checkpoint

at our hotel

What a long hot boring day! In fact the heat was not too bad as we had plenty of cloud and even some rain in the desert. We were travelling from the populated part of Libya around Tripoli in the west to the Benghazi area in the east. We saw a cement factory, a tuna factory, a power station..... and police checkpoints and petrol stations. The most exciting thing was a sighting of wild camels on the sand dunes between us and the sea.

There is very little of anything in this part of the country. Even our visit to the ‘Great Man Made River Project’ has been delayed until tomorrow as there is a group of VIP’s at the reservoir that we were to visit today. Those VIP’s are the reason why one checkpoint took 90 minutes and another 30 minutes. We read, did the Su Doku and even some aerobics. Patience is a virtue.

We drove into Ajdabija at the end of the day with a rather alarming incident when someone threw something at the car. Charlotte was driving and it narrowly missed the windscreen and made a huge cracking sound. We thought that it must have been a stone or small brick. On arrival at the hotel, the damage was found to be only a black mark that polished out quickly. Apparently the youth had thrown a shoe. Bizarre and not too welcoming. Still, no lasting damage and this was is such start contrast to the amazing reception and interest that we have received from every other Libyan along the way. The hotel is a vast improvement on last night. We are not complaining about having one towel between two or the lack of hot water. The place is clean and there are helpful staff.

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