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Touring us Peter Kilby

The Pantheon

Infront of St Catherine in Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Church of St Ignatius of Loyola

Taking the Bus

11th of October

Today we were guided from a Melbourner. He was pretty cool and funny. It was raining today. The first words our guide said to us was 'Its real shitty weather'. We met our guide at the giant building called the Pantheon. Our guide described how the huge dome of the Pantheon was built in layers and for 2 days straight the builders would lay cement. Next we went to a Library called Biblioteca Angelica. There were Bibles dating back to the 15th century and you had to ask the librarians to get the books for you because they were in cages. It was really awesome. Next we went into the church above the library where there was paintings done by the famous artists Raphael and Caravaggio. The paintings were really good. After a while of listening our guide took us too a little coffee shop that he new. He qouted 'It's a bit of a dump, but it has good coffee.' After coffee we went to the church called Santa Maria sopra Minerva. This church had four famous catholic heroes. The first and greatest of the three was St Catherine. Her tomb was the alter for the church. The next three who are all Popes are Pope Leo X, Pope Clement VII, and Pope Paul IV. Pope Leo and Pope Clement were behind the tabernacle of the church facing each other, butv not in tombs. They were buried in statues of each other which I thought was really cool. Pope Paul was off to the side in a tomb. We had a look around the church while the guide was telling us things. We went off to place in the church where civilians were not allowed. We got to see the private chapel of St Catherine and where she was rapped up and put in her tomb. It was awesome. Next we went to my favourite church we have been to so far it's called The Church of Saint Ignatious. Itwas my favourite because the dome of the church was fake or flat and when you entered it looked really real. It was just the perspective used by the artist to make it look real when entering. Once you got under the painting it look really bad but still amazing. We went off to our next attraction and it was not a church or Pantheon. It was the Trevi Fountain. As soon as we got there it started pooring with rain. It wasn't to much fun but still amazing too see. We then took the bus to the Bathes of Dioclecian. The bathes were once part of a Roman infrastructure. It wasn't the highlight of the day but still it was cool to see. After the bathes we left our guide and took the bus home and went round the corner to get pizza from our local bakery for lunch. It was delicious. While Mum and Dad went shopping to find Mum a birthday present (she could pick anything she liked) while we sat at home and watched a movie. We got dressed up afterwards to go to a Mum's pick restaurant. We got there at 7pm and it wasn't open so we went home and started a movie. We went back at 8pm and had dinner. The food was great.

Thanks for the emails everyone. Not to tease you or anything but we are having a great time.



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