Alaska 2010 travel blog

Eating again. Best Tex-Mex I've ever had. Very spicy.

Lion. Has vitamin deficency, not in good shape, and depressed.


Tiger. Extremely inbred. Mother and father were brother and sister.

Dave Wood at happy hour.

We are camped right on a lake.

Sign at the sancuary.


White Spotted leopard


White tiger

Orange and White Tigers. They are buddies

Dumb deer lives there

White Tiger


Nice spider

Mountain lion


Yesterday we went to a big cat rescue place. They had lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, white tigers, and spotted leopards. We got a tour of the place for nearly 2 hours and they explained the history of each animal. It was a very informative tour. The feed them horses and cattle. In zoos they normally get hamburger and they don't do very well on it. Many of the zoo animals are runted or suffer vitamin problems. The have found that by eating the whole animal they are much healthier and their animals are much larger than zoo animals. Theirs are like wild animals. Basically they are just like house cats until feeding time comes. All were raised in captivity by people who wanted a big cat as a pet. There was a cougar there that was raised in a college fraternity because they thought it was fun to wrestle with the cat. Until is got big and then they gave it to the big cat rescue place.

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