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Last evening was the first of two “Formal” nights on board the ship. That meant a jacket and tie for the men. I have the thought that “formal” to an RV’er means nothing more than tucking in your shirt, but in the spirit of things, I dressed up a bit more last night.

Marilyn and the other ladies were all very beautiful in their long dresses and special “get-ups”.

Per a request I had made with the head waiter, we were all served escargot at our table last night. That was the appetizer for six of the eight of us at our table. The other two do not like to eat snails. LOL

Most at our table selected the filet mignon as an entrée, while I selected the halibut, which was also delicious.

Following that delicious meal, Marilyn & I returned to our cabin by 10:30, for a good night of sleep because we knew that today would be an early start to a long day.

We were up at 5:00 this morning, ate breakfast at the buffet, and were in the lounge to clear immigration for Israel by 7:30 AM.

By 8:00 we were on our way through Haifa, passing through the hills of Galilee to the site of the Sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes). Next we visited the site of the Miracle of the Loaves & Fishes.

After that we were on to the ancient city of Capernaum, called the City of Jesus. There we saw the ruins of a Religious site built on the site of a previous Synagogue, where Jesus preached to the masses.

They have now built a church over the ruins of St Peter’s home. That was not there when I visited here in 1985.

After leaving the massive crowds behind, we crossed the Jordan River into what used to be Syria, before turning around and going around the Sea of Galilee to a Kibbutz on the western shore near the city of Tiberias.

Another trip to the Jordan River where people go to be baptized followed our delicious lunch at the Kibbutz.

Next on the agenda was a trip to the town of Nazareth.

It was nearly dark by the time we finished this tour, and then had to drive another hour to get back to the ship waiting in the harbor at Haifa.

Marilyn & I went straight to the dining room when we boarded the ship.

We took a table for two and relaxed with another delicious meal.

Marilyn chose the shrimp cocktail, chicken noodle soup (Thai style) and the leg of lamb with mint jelly.

I opted for the shrimp cocktail and the surf & turf (Filet Mignon and three large grilled Shrimp).

Marilyn had a Mango Crème Brule’ for dessert, while I enjoyed Cherries Jubilee.

At this time we are back in our cabin with the balcony door open. The lights of the city of Haifa are shining and you can easily see the streets and buildings all lit up on Mount Carmel.

We have another busy day tomorrow, with Jerusalem and Bethlehem on the agenda.

We are tired but looking forward to another awesome day.

Life is Good!

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