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Back into China. We got a 35hr train ride from Lhasa(Tibet) to X'ian (northwest of China). Train ride was actually nice went through all the himalayas. Our cabin was a four person room with two bunk beds and bearly enough room to swing your arms but it was far better then getting a seat for 35hr.

We arrived in X'ian on the 8th of October and we are staying in a nice hotel for just 10euro each a night (bargain hey!). Last night we got dinner in the hotel two boiled rice, some black bean pork and it came to a total of 3euro. So living here is very cheap.

One thing I've noted coming back into China is that there are no dogs or cats or rats anywhere. Everywhere in Tibet there were dogs. Here in China they eat them all!!. Seriously there is people everywhere I do see rubbish in some places and not a sign of any rats!! They just eat everything!!. I was told by a friend of mine that he went into a shop in China and there was a pet dog. My friend said oh what a nice dog and the owner came out with a knife in the air ready to chop off his head and said do you want him!!!

X'ian is same as every other city in China, full of people and smog. Yesterday it rained all day and you could not see 3meters in front of you because of the smog. Pitch dark all day. We did however go to see the Terracotta Warriors. That was nice to see.

On the 12th we are off to Hong Kong by train another 30hr train journey. We are in the process of trying to find pasta and some sauce for the journey but cant find any, as they only sell chicken feet on the train!! All the supermarkets here have all funny food from pigs ears, chicken feet, noodles with everything and anything!! all mixed with soy sauce. So everything tastes the same really.

So China was a great experience but I'm sorry to say I wont be back. I've had enough of the spitting, soy sauce smells, smog! pushy people (you get get pushed all day long), and of course the communal toilets. Oh and I forgot to mention there is no such thing as babies nappies here. All the kids have a hole is their pants to pee and poop on the street, its lovely to see. We even saw one kid doing it in mid air as the parent was walking along. Also another memorible thing we saw at the terracotta warriors was a child going to the toilet in the middle of the museum floor(indoors!!).

Hong Kong here we come yippee!!!

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