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War Memorial



Model of the Chateau


King Henri IV

Dining Hall of 100 Guests





Up the Grand Staircase

See the monograms of the King and Queen? H&M


Looking into the courtyard

Look carefully...this light is actually carved with people

Another tapestry




Sewing table that was a gift from Queen Elizabeth

In the reception room

In the Kings room



Some traditional dresses

The workers apartment

The Queens apartment


The courtyard again


A painting of the King playing with his children

Backgammon! A Kings game :)






In the King's private bedroom



The sea turtle shell that was the King's cradle


The Psyche drawing room

The death of the King



Some more traditional dress



Across the bridge



Flowers in a palm


Place Clemencau

The outdoor shopping strip


Since it was closed when I was in Pau with my parents, I decided to head back to the Chateau. I checked the hours to make sure I wouldn't miss it again and I planned to go on the weekend. I knew it wasn't peak season and the hours would be different, but what I didn't realize is that they only let in groups of people.

When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that entrance is free for students with a student card. They asked me if I spoke really well, and I told them no. They asked what language I spoke and handed me a hot pink piece of paper with the entire tour printed out. They then unlocked the door, told me there was a tour I could join, and that was that.

The tour was in French and I could understand most of it, but sometimes it was difficult to understand what she was saying. Everyone kept staring at me and my hot pink sheet of paper as I basically followed them around the chateau.

Anyways, the Chateau de Pau is famous for being a medieval castle that was the birthplace of King Henri IV. Other famous figures, such as Napoleon and Marie Antoinette, stayed there as well. It is really beautiful inside. There is a small art collection and some mannequins with the traditional dress. The best collection there is the tapestry collection. The walls of almost every room is covered in them. They each tell a different story and almost look like paintings.

The rooms also hold all of the artifacts of the King and Queen, along with the shell of a sea turtle which is said to have been the cradle of the King. Sounds almost like a fairy tale.

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