Joanne & Daves round the world trip 2010 travel blog

Our first view of Everest












local children looking for food/money. nice shower cap hey!


at the base camp


local woman working outside her house at base camp

the tibetan name for Everest mountain

Dave at base camp


Top of Everest








local toilet!!


tibetan dog

yak yak

our tour bus


local tractors!! they were used everywhere

Departed from Tibetan town called Shigatse on the 4th of October.In total 11hours bus journey. Stopped at Namtso Lake 4500m above sea level, second largest salt water lake. This was spectacular.

The toilets!!! Im back on about the toilets again. In Tibet I reckon they do not understand privacy. Little was i too know that walking into the womans toilets it'd be completely open no walls no barriers just everyone lined up peeing together into a hole!!I made it a mission from then on, to run behind a wall or hedge when the bus stopped. Even the mens toilets were the same number one or number two it didnt matter just everyone went together!! nice hey!!(PS i didnt take any photos of this!)

Then we drove along Friendship highway which reached 5100m. Views of Everest could be seen now we only had 7 hours now to get there!!! Views though were great. At this point the head aches begun. Everyone on the bus was sick. It was like getting a brain hemorrhage!! awful.

Arrived at base camp i think around 7pm. We stayed at an altitude of 5150 m ASL in nomad tents using yak dung to heat up the tents. Fab view of what i remember!! Worst night of my life really bad altitude sickness. I wont spoil you with the details, but lets just say not i could not even drink water as that'd been thrown up. Poor Dave had a sleepless night looking after me. He was not as bad as me.

The following day we'd another ten hour bus journey back down to normal altitude (3900m). Now what fun being on a non existent rocky road for almost 4 hours at high altitude and feeling like I'm going to die!!. Eventually we got on a more smoother road for the rest of the journey. Once we reached normal altitudes felt one million times better. The following days bus journey was wonderful (another 7 hours) this time took lots of photos and really enjoyed the scenery.

I would love love to go back to Tibet, the scenery was out of this world. But never in a million years would i go back to Everest base camp!!! Tibet was a highlight delighted to get a chance to come here. One million times better than China.

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