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Mount Vernon, George Washington's Mansion


The Grist Mill

The Distillery

Today we took the 50K drive down into Virginia to see George Washington's plantation, Mount Vernon. A very popular place, the parking lots were jammed full when we got there but we managed to find a spot on the first go around. We grabbed our tickets and headed over to watch the introductory movie, and then still having quite some time until our mansion tour time , we checked out a number of the out buildings such as the blacksmith shop, slave quarters, stables, and paddock area. We then lined up for the mansion tour and in very little time we were inside checking out the place. Pretty impressive and pretty comfortable looking considering the times it was built. After the mansion we headed over to the tomb where both George and Martha are buried. Hunger pains were setting in so we hit the food court, and then drove over to the Grist Mill and Distillery sight. Most of George's income came from flour he produced on his own farm and sold overseas. In his distillery he made rye whiskey which was sold locally in Virginia. Time to head back to the trailer, with a stop for groceries on the way.

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