Don & Helen Spain 2010 travel blog

Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevillea

death of the maestro - a bull fighter we presume

tiles - Seville


unknown pink flowering tree

Alcazar Seville - gardens

Alcazar Seville

Geoff with meal of bull's tail - Marg's meal less memorable

Helen & Don with paella

view of Seville from the top of the Giralda

Alcazar Seville

Alcazar Seville

unusual Spanish madonna

Flamenco dancing evening

Sevilla for 4 nights....just as well. The driving has been a bit onerous for the past 3-4 days, and I need a break. We arrive on the 8th in the late morning, and could be booked in but to a smoking room....not on your nellie we say, so we park the car and catch a taxi to the Museo de Bellas Artes...nominated (by themselves, maybe) as the second best art museum in Spain after the Prado....the artists amongst us (guess who) say this is a very well presented offering, and that the Murillos (look it up if you don't already know) are wonderful. I especially liked the "death of the maestro" a real surprise to see it from a side gallery as the painting then appeared to be 3-D.

Next morning, we wake to pouring rain....our resident drought master (mistress Marg) has a black mark on her record for this one.....but I am determined I will go to the Alcazar this day, and the others oblige me. We arrive and it is still raining....ooops....we spend several hours trying to avoid the groups (spaniards, japanese, french, etc etc) and thankfully it clears up so we can get a look at the gardens....we see lots of wonderful things, and can only look forward to Granada.

Joan, Helen and Marg would like to know what the pink flowering tree you know it? We bite the bullet and set out to see our obligatory flamenco show, 8PM option for western sissies who like to go be bed sometine before midnight.....we wander around Barrio Santa Cruz for an hour, have a meal (Helen and I have paella) and when the show finishes, it is raining lightly....we walk to the Plaza de Triumf and take pictures of the Catedral whilst a busker plays Concerto de to Al Andulus where we are staying, and so to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday 10th is Cathedral day.....entrada from 2.30PM....we walk around the city a bit (Torre del Oro), the Bull ring and El Arenal.....picnic lunch by the river, and then a queue to be able to pay E8 to have a look.....climbed the Giralda.....the old minaret....when the cathedral was built over the mosque, King (whoever) told the church guild that if one of them took down even 1 brick of the minaret, he would kill them all....surprising to record, then, that not one brick was removed.

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