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Just a quick update as many of you have been inquiring about where I am and if I arrived in Nevada okay. Yes and yes! I arrived in Vegas on Sunday, spent the night with Bonnie and drove to Ely Monday morning. The flight was uneventful and the weather was nice when I arrived. Monday started off with clear skies but about the time I left town the rain really came down. Apparently some of the roads in Vegas were closed due to flooding as the day progressed. I hit an ocassional light shower until about 35 miles out of town and then had a steady, although light, rain the rest of the drive. I unloaded the truck just in time to avoid a short hail storm! What's up with that??? Haven't seen any hail since leaving South Dakota.

It's been much cooler here than anywhere we've been in the past few months, hitting the high 40's today and freezing at night. I don't mind except for when the wind is blowing. Mom & Dad are both doing about as expected. Mom is pretty tired and shaky most of the time. But her heart has been doing okay since I arrived. I guess the frequent small attacks are diminishing, at least for the time being. And for all of you family reading this, Dad is holding his own. His condition continues to digress slowly. He is eating reasonably well since I arrived. Mom says it's only because he is trying to please me, he doesn't eat well for her. Maybe he just likes my cooking better??? LOL...

Mom's been keeping me busy, and there's still lots to do. But it will all get done soon enough. I am still not doing as well as I had hoped with my GERD issues. I have been forced into taking my meds, even though I am still determined to find a natural way to handle this eventually. But to tell you the truth, my two prescription meds are not really helping much. Very little in fact. So I will be seeing my primary care physician Tuesday morning for her opinion and help. It's been over a month and I am very uncomfortable/in pain nearly 24 hours a day. Aren't you all so glad you stopped by to see how things are??? Sorry, guess I need a small pity party. I just love food, and love to eat, and this is just killing me, LOL!

My honey swears he is missing me but it sounds to me like he is having a great time visiting the neighbors, reading, watching tv and eating everything he likes including all the stuff I hassle him about! He had crab for dinner tonight, poor thing...Well, thank for stopping by. I'll post again in a few days, hopefully with a few nice pics...

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