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bull ring Merida

Roman amphitheatre Merida

Merida Roman museum

Roman mosiac floor



Castle at Merida

Two days for the price of one for you now.

6th. Salamanca to Trujillo via Caceres. Our advice was that Caceres old town was not to be missed so we went there first and parked close to the CBD (convenient parking station for E1.15 in total forabout 2 hours). Found our way in and walked around for 2 hours. Plaza Mayor which is much vaunted was totally under renovation and a disappointment. We were approached twice by older men looking for money, and had a pub tapas meal which can only be described as too little, too poor and too much. Very confident we were "ripped" here, but not so easy to argue the toss.

We did the 53KM from Caceres to Trujillo about an hour, with stops to snap a number or raptors seen along the way. Not sure of them yet, but probably 2 types of vulture, red kite and maybe one more. We arrive at the Parador after a very convoluted path, and have to return to a closed gate and press the button for entry. TYhe old town here is also quite grand, with a moorish castle (built over by the Christian Kings) atop the hill with a great vantage point.

Helen and Geoff exchange cameras inadvertently along the way, sorted out finally because Helen put nail polish (and lippy?) on hers in some older stroke of brilliance. At least, as I explain to geoff, he will have a few good photos from the trip on his camera.

I feel quite at home here in Trujillo; probably because of the connection to Sol (there must be one right?)and given that he left Australia with enough loot to buy the place, and further given that some of it was ours, I just feel like fine here.

We finish the walk with a bottle of vini de la Casa blanco, accompanied by plates of olives and potato chips for E6. Great waitress, so left E1 tip....last of the big spenders eh? Folks tried the arte breve menu here and enjoyed it, and off for a reasonably early night, as Helen had not slept all that well last evening.

7th Breakfast as usual, and off to Merida....only 90KM or so, so there in about an hour. Another challenging entry, but we get parked and for the first time, could not check in. Staff very pleasant, so we had coffee at the Parador, and then walked around until 1.45pm, when we found a good "pub" and had bocadilla type fare. We saw Diana's temple, the Foro (one of them as we later find out they had 2 as the Roman Provincial capital) and the Roman House with mosiacs.

We return to the Teatro and the Amphitheatre after lunch, and it is hot, so we retire after an hour to the Roman Museum. Well, this has to be one of the best museums of its type ever. We spend a fascinating 2 hours here, and if out feet were not so sore, we would continue. Back to Plaza Espana for a glass of wine, but they know about tourists here, and it costs E15, but was still a pleasant wine.

Dinner was again Arte Breve for the others, but I have a sirloin....difficulties with translation meant that instead of one glass of wine for me, we get a bottle, but as the others are getting a little more alcohol than they prefer, we bring half the bottle back to the room, and my resolve is to dring less as Geoff feels it is affecting his sleep.

Tomorrow, Sevilla.

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