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Marilyn & I pretty much just fell into bed last night. We were exhausted from the travel, 11 and ½ hours of airplane travel in those tiny little seats they provide and then the evening walk, the 8 hour time change, a walk and a snack.

We left the balcony door open because of the lack of air conditioning, and the noise from the motorcycles racing past on the street outside, along with an occasional horn honking, and just traffic noise in general, made sleep a bit fitful.

I did fall asleep and then awoke at 1:30 to make a bathroom trip. It was hard for me to fall back to sleep but I know I did because the next thing I knew, I was awake and it was daylight outside.

I peeked at my watch and exclaimed to Marilyn, “Get up honey! We have to meet George downstairs in 25 minutes!”

We scrambled to get dressed and get things back into the suitcases. We put the same clothing on that we had taken off the night before, having no time to unpack anything.

We were just throwing things into any bag, anywhere they would fit, and headed to the elevator, dragging our luggage along.

The hotel had only one tiny elevator, so I put the bags in the elevator, along with Marilyn, and I walked down the five flights of stairs.

I expected to see Marilyn when I reached the lobby but she was nowhere in sight.

She had taken the elevator all the way to the basement and removed the luggage before she realized that she was not on the lobby floor.

By this time the elevator had gone up so when I heard her yell for my help, she was trying to drag our luggage up the steps.

George was waiting for us and he gave us a hand with all the bags.

After this really hectic beginning to our day, we were finally off on the day’s adventure, to tour this wonderful city of Athens, Greece.

Our first stop was at the Acropolis, where we walked up many steps to the ticket kiosk, paid our 12 Euros each, about $16.00 each US.

That ticket gave us entry to many different attractions, and was the only ticket we needed to purchase all day.

We did purchase two large glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice and a donut, for another 11 Euros. (About $15 US)

The entire day was a wonderful experience, as we explored the ancient ruins of Athens.

We have many pictures to share with you but it will take us awhile to get them sorted and we may not be able to post them until we return from this cruise.

It was about 1:00 PM when we were dropped off at the dock for the Pacific Princess.

In spite of the fact that we had not received any travel documents from Princess, our check in was quick and easy.

I suspect that the lack of travel documentation was due to the fact that we get our mail only once per month and I had failed to have our mail sent to us earlier this month.

I remembered the cabin number though, and we were soon on board, sitting at a nice table on the deck, eating a nice meal from the buffet.

After lunch we returned to our cabin and chilled for awhile, waiting for our luggage to be delivered to our cabin.

We met three really fun couples at dinner tonight. Sail for Santorini tonight and have a tour tomorrow. More fun!

Life is Good!

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