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Me and my cake!

So many goddam candles....




Me and my PiƱata

Destroying the thing!

The idea is NOT to hit oneself...

Jo ready for action

Judi and Jo

Well what a fab birthday i just had! We went out on the night of the 24th to Sin Ventura, a salsa club. Here they do a free lesson for all the gringos. So despite all my previous misgivings I got up and had a go at it. its bloody impossible!! As Ms's Ireland, Skinmore and Gabrielides will testify from our days at the gym in Guildford, i am about as uncoordinated as it gets. It was fun though but i sat down when it came to dancing with a partner as that would have been far to embarressing. So anyway, that night was a pretty drunken affair. At midnight, jo got them to announce my bday which was cool ! Next day I felt pretty rough, but Hugo, Jos mate, invited me to watch the local football team Antigua, playing a Guat City team. So i roll up to Cafe Portal at 130pm to find Hugo, Miguel, Paul and Pablo there. Yikes. Me and 4 boys on my 30th bday,all of whom bar one are in their 20s. Lovely! Now, i was a tad confused for a while. For about an hour we walked around Antigua popping into places where the boys would talk to their mates for a bit. Then we went to a shop and had a sandwich out the back. Seeing as my Spanish is limited to Hola and Como te llama i was a bit out on a limb!! So eventually we roll up to the ground. I gave hugo my 25Q for the game and then he comes back with just 4 tickets so i paid for another one. These guys do not have jobs and so they dont ever have any money. What happens is all the nice western ladies seem to pay for them to do anything!! Its a weird place. Anyway, the game was fun. Then we ended up in a pool bar where again, I paid for the table and the beers. They seem to just assume you will pay or there is nothing that you can do together!! Hey ho !!

Anyway, i left them there and went home. Got ready to go out again and then Miguel and Paul and Hugo all came round. They bought me pressies and a card which was most unexpected but very sweet. We had pizza and drinks and then Judi and Jo bought out a massive bday cake with 30 candles on it. i cant remember when i last had a bday cake!! After that, they blindfolded me and there was this blue plastic dog thing hanging in the hallway - called a Pinanta. Its a guatemalan tradition apparantly and you have to get blindfolded, spun round and then you hit the thing with a stick until all the sweets that are hidden inside fall out !!! it was hilarious !! Then we had some lovely Guatemalan champagne. Yum ! Anyway, it was fab and it was great of Judi and jo to go to so much trouble. Jo also got me a flashing badge saying 30 but i dropped it on the way to the Casbah. The club was OK but too damn hot. We went home at about one to find Jennifer sitting round the table with 4 boys!! Managed to get rid of them eventually and crashed out around 3. An excellent day!

Today, I got up around midday, tidied Jos house and was generally v lazy!! Just watched the rerun of the Liverpool-Milan game which was excellent. Lorna, i bet you are well chuffed!!

Well, we are off to Costa Rica on Saturday so will update then !

Ciao for now .

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