Rallye Med 2010 travel blog



Six hour border crossing from Tunisia to Libya. We are however now sporting a rather fetching, green set of Libyan number plates on the Aston. We are escorted in Libya - which for the 100km to the hotel meant travelling in convoy. Hopefully this will be relaxed as with all the locals wishing to drive flat out is rather difficult and dangerous, despite their highly developed overtaking skills.

Petrol costs 10p per litre in Libya!

Day off to see Sabratha today. Our hotel is perfect for a rest day. We can see the sea from our window, the sand is clean and white and there is a swimming pool if you don’t like salt. We like the salt!

Before that though we went to see the ruined Roman town of Sabratha. In fact it has been Hellenic, Phoenician and wrecked by an earthquake and later the vandals, in common with most cities in north Africa. This one’s two special features are a stunning position on the sea and a magnificent theatre painstakingly reconstructed by the Italians when they were the occupying power.

We had an excellent guide and, with essential equipment of camera, sunglasses, water and hat, we spent several hours in the hot sun. The treasures of mosaics were in an adjacent museum so we were able to get the whole experience.

More driving and ruins tomorrow. Perhaps we will sort out driving in a convoy with our guide. Today it all came apart in the 10 km between the hotel and the ruins.

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