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Well big travel day today, went from Italy to Austria to Liechtenstein to Switzerland then back to Liechtenstein to Switzerland and stayed in Austria. Don’t get too impressed from the Austrian border it only takes 10 minutes at most to cross Liechtenstein (on the diagonal) to Switzerland. Hotels in both those countries were 200-300 euro's per night and it was a heck of a lot less in Feldkirch, Austria just on the other side of the border. We’ll travel around both Liechtenstein and Switzerland tomorrow from here.

Leaving Italy was a hectic, not as bad as getting there but right up there. The GPS Dave has re-routed us through Austria as there was some major traffic delay the other way.

We stopped at only 1 Italian cemetery in a little town, it was somewhat different than the other countries but I thought I saw a few from the highway further south and they had more statues and stuff in them. The problem with finding Italian cemeteries is that they aren’t at the church, their outside of town and when you’re travelling the highway it’s next to impossible to get to them. Lucky for you guys.

I took some pictures this morning with my camera as I told you it rained last night and still a bit this morning so it was hard to take pictures. We didn’t take any on the travel journal camera as Dave was getting us breakfast and I was taking pictures and we wanted to leave ASAP.

It rained most of the way here on and off, not a big concern on a travel day.

We travelled through a lot of tunnels the longest being 15 km and saw a few castles and Abbeys, got a couple pictures depending on the side of the road or weather conditions.

That’s it for now, different hotel tomorrow as they only had one room for tonight but we’ll be just down the street tomorrow.

Until then,

Guten nacht

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